Physical Therapy Center Miami

Rehabilitation & Therapy Clinic Providing Services in Miami

Welcome to Semper Physical Therapy Miami. Our highly trained physical therapists work with patients to restore strength, mobility, flexibility, and range of motion in patients suffering pain due to injury, surgery, or ailment. We strive to facilitate to the return to the patients normal every day activities. Semper Physical Therapy works hard to develop a treatment plan which addresses each step of the healing process. Our physical therapy and rehabilitation center is located in Miami and delivers services to local patients in Miami, Westchester, Hialeah; as well to patients from other South Florida areas who have suffered accidents or injuries and need get back to their normal routine as fast as possible.

Physical Therapy Center Miami

Workers Compensation

We treat work injuries: carpal tunnel, and pain in the neck, back, and shoulders, and other ailments reported by injured workers.

Slip & Fall Injury Treatment Miami

Slip & Fall Injury Treatment

Slip and fall injuries often cause severe and painful injuries and usually stem from negligence on someone else’s part.

Auto Injury Rehabilitation Miami

Auto Injury Rehabilitation

Even a fender bender can cause a lifelong struggle with chronic pain stemming from whiplash injuries.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Miami

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Patients recovering from surgeries of the knee or hip should begin therapy immediately, as it is vital in maximizing the results of surgery.

Pediatric Therapy Miami

Pediatric Therapy

We treat children who suffer from mobility issues with the goal of maximizing their independence and helping them overcome physical challenges.

Sport Therapy Miami

Sport Therapy

Semper Physical Therapy strives to heal common injuries in athletes of all levels. Sports injuries we treat can occur during vigorous physical activity, training, or on the field.

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