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Accident Injuries Must Always Be Taken Seriously.

What may begin as a small fender bender causing no more than a little aggravation can actually be only the beginning of a lifelong struggle with chronic pain. Even the slightest impact experienced at less than five miles per hour can cause spinal misalignment, and damages to the soft tissues of the body resulting in pain from whiplash.

Symptoms after a minor car accident may not become evident until the morning after in the form of pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulders, back, and extremities. Quality auto injury rehabilitation in Miami can be found at Semper Physical Therapy, where we strive for our patients to regain mobility and flexibility while gaining strength to protect against re-injury.

Auto injury rehabilitation, Miami, should be started as soon as the patient has medical clearance to begin physical therapy. Accident victims, especially in the case of minor accidents, tend to ignore or self-treat their symptoms failing to realize that symptoms can return or worsen the longer they are left untreated.

Car Accident Injury

In 2016 alone, Miami-Dade saw over 62,000 car accidents resulting in nearly 33,000 injuries. Amongst the most common car accident injuries reported are injuries to the head, back, neck, and chest. Head injuries are frequent due to drivers and front seat passengers hitting their heads against the steering wheel, dashboard, and windows.

Back injuries are also among car accident injuries. Damage to the spinal cord may result in damage to the sensitive nerves surrounding it. Symptoms in back injury patients can include loss of sensation and diminished strength and control in the arms, legs, and feet. Car accident injuries to the back can worsen if left untreated, with the possibility of causing irreversible damage.

Car accident physical therapy can include manipulations, strain therapy, exercises, and treatment with electricity to alleviate pain symptoms and begin gently increasing range of motion and flexibility to the afflicted area. The teams of physical therapy professionals at Semper provide long term treatment focusing on aggressive yet gradual techniques which promote strength and mobility. Studies have shown time and again that great physical therapy treatment can be as effective as surgery in the treatment of many injuries, without being invasive. Sticking to your physical therapy treatment, attending every appointment, and doing the prescribed at home exercises can mean taking less heavy medication for pain management.

Whiplash Treatment

Whiplash treatment with physical therapy is highly effective in reducing pain and restoring mobility. By manipulating the soft tissues of the neck and back first with hot and cold therapy then massage, patients' symptoms are relieved.

Patients involved in a car accident can self-treat at home using hot and cold therapy in the first 24 hours. Ice the affected area first to bring down swelling which should dissipate within 48 hours. Once the swelling subsides, you may begin incorporating heat to relax tight muscles and promote circulation. Patients should take care to protect their skin from hot and cold by placing a towel between the skin and ice or heat packs. Ultrasound may also be used to treat a whiplash injury. Ultrasound therapy can help promote circulation and help stop muscle contractions resulting in reduced swelling and pain.

Whiplash Treatment Miami

Rehabilitation Therapy

Total recovery from car accident injuries can take some time, and at Semper Physical Therapy we work hard to design a rehabilitation therapy treatment to help patients get back to their life as quickly and recovered as possible. Restoration of circulation is vital in the recovery process as the movement of blood facilitates the removal of inflammatory waste, carbon dioxide, and cell by products produced by the immune system when injury occurs. Lymphatic massage therapy works to help the circulatory system rid the body of toxins. By activating the lymphatic system, fluid can drain from muscles to restore mobility. Fluid and toxin build up can also causes pain. By using firm yet gentle massage strokes, the lymphatic system is immediately boosted and fluid removal goes into high gear. It is normal for patients to feel immediate relief of symptoms following treatment with this kind of manual physical therapy.

Aside from an instant relief of symptoms, it is normal for patients to feel the sudden need to cough or urinate following manual stimulation of the lymphatic system. These reactions are indicative of the success of the massage.

Car Accident Miami

Should you find your vehicle struck by another or if you have suffered a fall or accident due to the negligence of another, you are entitled to medical treatment under Florida law. If you have been involved in a car collision, either by yourself or a third party, you may also be required to comply with the requirements of Florida law for medical treatment. Semper Physical Therapy works with accident attorneys in Miami, West Palm, Orlando and Broward. In addition to helping you get your vehicle repaired quickly, the accident attorney can represent you before your insurance company to obtain compensation for the injuries you sustained and the wages you lost as a result of the accident.

Semper Physical Therapy is well – versed in the car accident process. Should you or a relative be involved in a minor accident, please call us and we can start treating you and answer questions from the insurance companies. Whether you are at fault or not, insurance will cover your treatment if you are injured. Our office is fully capable of providing adequate evidence of treatment to insurance providers, law offices, and other parties which may be involved.

Car Accident

Coverage of physical therapy after a car accident can be difficult to maintain as oftentimes insurance providers are skeptical about the length of treatment. Our doctors can diagnose your condition and provide documentation to support the prescription for physical therapy, allowing patients to rest easy knowing that their treatment will not be delayed.

We treat all kinds of conditions which may occur after a car accident. Treatments range from orthopedic, massage, and chiropractic among others. At Semper we believe wellness goes beyond treating pain and recovering mobility. We believe in long term wellness. When it comes to car accidents, we strive for each patient to leave treatment stronger than before their accident in order to prevent re-injury.

Miami Physical Therapy


We have X-ray equipment to assist you quickly and precisely by assessing the musculoskeletal conditions in which the patient is found because of the accident.

Corrective Exercises

We teach patients exercises designed to help them strengthen and correct muscle, ligament and tendon injuries. In addition, these exercises help improve the correction of your spine.

Recommendations to lead a healthy lifestyle

We advise our patients on activates or movements to avoid and offer ergonomic enhancements which can be made to work and home spaces to circumvent further aggravation of their injuries and keeping their muscles and spine in good condition.

Pain sufferers receiving in office physical therapy will likely be given “homework” in the form of exercises to be performed at home. Active physical therapy helps patients get stronger faster, especially when combined with in office techniques such as exercises using resistance, weights, ice, and heat. Resistance bands help restore strength to the extremities, neck, back, and shoulders by adding gradual controlled resistance to the movement. Repeated over time controlled resistance exercise provides the same benefit to muscles as free weights, but without the risk losing control of the movement. The control of tension bands significantly lowers the risk of re-injury during rehabilitation physical therapy.

As the patient regains strength, light weights may be incorporated to the in-office treatment to further promote the strengthening of the muscles which support the musculoskeletal system. Stronger muscles in the neck and back lower the risk of re-injury, and promote better posture which helps to alleviate pain in everyday life.

Accident Pain Miami

Do not let your vehicular accident injury get in the way of an active lifestyle. Semper Physical Therapy offers treatment in Miami for natural relief of chronic pain. If you have been injured in an accident, do not wait for a doctor to treat you. The sooner you are examined by a physical therapy and made a diagnosis, the sooner you will find relief for your pain from the vehicle injury. With several convenient centers throughout Miami, Dr. Gomez's patients can quickly resume an active, pain-free lifestyle.

What to Do After an Accident

Have you suffered an injury in an accident? In addition to calling 911, many people do not even think to contact a physical therapist as soon as an accident has occurred. Car accident physical therapy treatment for such injuries should begin immediately, as treatment is essential for proper recovery. We suggest patients schedule an appointment within 14 days of being involved in an accident. Without immediate therapeutic intervention, you increase the likelihood of developing or worsening chronic pain. Our physical therapy professionals take the time to provide you with the highest quality care. After a thorough examination, we will give you a diagnosis and a treatment plan that only addresses your injuries.

Accident Insurance and Legal Assistance in Miami

As our patient, your accident injuries will be accurately and immediately documented and provided to the insurance company. Accurate documentation of diagnosis and treatment and full cooperation with insurance companies from our offices allows the insurance company to complete the claims documentation process.

Natural Accident Relief

We are dedicated to helping our patients recover their lives after an accident. Whether you suffer from migraines, back or neck pain, numbness in limbs, weakness or discomfort, or any other type of pain caused by an accident, our auto injury rehabilitation Miami can help you with pain relief and avoid future chronic conditions.

What may seem to be a minor injury, no more than a small inconvenience, can mark the beginning of a lifelong struggle with chronic pain. Small impacts which don’t immediately cause pain may cause the spine to become misaligned damage the soft tissues of the body resulting in pain from whiplash.

What may seem to be a minor injury, no more than a small inconvenience, can mark the beginning of a lifelong struggle with chronic pain. Small impacts which don’t immediately cause pain may cause the spine to become misaligned damage the soft tissues of the body resulting in pain from whiplash.

You should never take a fall or a car accident lightly. If treatment is given quickly, both acute pain and chronic pain can be alleviated with the proper diagnosis and care of a physical therapy. If you have been involved in a car accident and are in pain, contact Semper Physical Therapy as soon as possible to begin your auto injury rehabilitation Miami.

If you would like more information about how auto rehabilitation Miami can help you recover from an injury resulting from an automobile accident, we invite you to contact our offices today.

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