Pediatric Therapy in Miami

Pediatric Therapy in Miami is the treatment of children, from the time they are born until they reach adulthood, who suffer mobility issues with the goal of maximizing their independence, improving mobility, and helping them overcome physical challenges. At Semper Physical Therapy, we provide pediatric therapy Miami and work with families to ensure children gain functional skills needed for their everyday life. By combining outpatient pediatric therapy techniques with at home exercises and school based physical therapy, children are able to reach their full potential for mobilization and functionality. Children who suffer from cerebral palsy, stroke, injuries to the brain or spine, muscular dystrophy, or scoliosis among other conditions, benefit greatly from pediatric therapy Miami.

Pediatric Therapy Miami can benefit children by helping them to improve mobility, balance, hand-eye coordination, range of motion, walking, muscular strength, and endurance.

Pediatric Physical Therapy Miami

Children may need pediatric physical therapy for any number of reasons. If you notice your child has an abnormal head shape beyond six weeks of age, have trouble sitting up straight, or seem behind other children in developing their motor skills. The Semper Physical Therapy team treats children beginning in infancy into their adolescence with strong commitment to enhance children’s learning ability, physical functionality. We believe in forging a strong relationship with each child’s family and empowering families to play a large role in their child’s rehabilitation.

By making a plan involving activities which challenge the child we are able to help the child improve their motor skills or regain strength and flexibility following a surgical procedure. No matter what condition the child suffers from, at Semper Physical Therapy we work to educate families to help their children with at home exercises, as well as teaching them to use assistive devices as needed.

Pediatric physical therapy is comprised of experienced physical therapists and physical therapy assistants who strive to develop a treatment plan to meet your family's goals. To improve each child's gross motor and functional skills, we use many different innovative techniques, while incorporating play and fun into each session. Physical therapy goals are set collectively by doctors, therapists, and parents.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

The early years of a child’s life are rife with all sorts of brand new experiences. Sensations, social situations, and new stimuli drive cognitive and physical development. During this vital time the brain develops, and in the case of children with delayed development, early intervention can help the brain to continue developing. Occupational therapy for children suffering from delayed or restricted development provides support to develop optimally.

Early intervention programs are geared toward children with developmental issues from birth until age three. Children at risk of becoming disabled can benefit from early intervention occupational therapy by developing their fundamental life skills. At semper physical therapy, we work to improves children’s motor skills, sensory processing, communication, and socialization skills. Family cooperation is a key to the development of a child, the hours spent at home are vital since parents are the first teachers in a child’s life.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Pediatric Therapy Services in Miami

Physical therapy services for children may also include exercises focused on strengthening the muscles, improving flexibility, increasing range of motion, and correction of posture or use. Each program is designed with the child’s needs in mind. The team at Semper Physical Therapy works to provide positive reinforcement by praising patients for their strengths. We firmly believe a big part of rehabilitation is mental, a positive attitude from family members and therapists, helps children overcome mental barriers, thereby enabling them to go far in treatment.

Early intervention and pediatric therapy Miami are important for developing long term form and functionality in children who are born or develop challenges early in life. The first three years of a child’s physical and mental development could determine their independence and cognitive function in adulthood. Families, especially parents are encouraged to get involved with their child’s pediatric therapy Miami by formulating a comprehensive treatment plan together with the staff at Semper Physical Therapy. At home exercises can seem like a chore or punishment to some children, but enthusiastic parents willing to dive right in and perform the exercises alongside their children can have a positive impact in their child’s future development.

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