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Physical Therapy is a vital component for recovery in patients who suffer from pain after surgery, injury, accident, or ailment. At Semper Physical Therapy Miami, medical rehabilitation is a top priority; we work with patients to restore flexibility, range of motion, stability, and often most importantly, to relieve pain. The physical therapy programs we offer work to alleviate balance problems, and restore strength with the goal of patients returning to their daily lives.

Patients involved in car accidents are often in pain and under a lot of stress as they deal with insurance companies and attorneys. We are well versed in physical therapy for automobile accident victims and work directly with insurance companies and law firms to provide all pertinent documentation so our patients can focus on getting on getting well.

Physical Therapy Miami

Much in the way car accident patients are stressed over insurance and legal matters, we work with patients involved in workers compensation cases that were injured on the job. Our physical therapy center in Miami treats work injuries such as carpal tunnel and pain in the neck, shoulders and back. We provide comprehensive examinations and document treatment in order to satisfy queries from insurance companies and lawyers. Our focus is to provide superior patient care, and to alleviate pain.

Slip and fall patients often come to Semper Physical Therapy writhing in pain. Once swelling is controlled, patients can typically begin mobility exercises, as massage to further alleviate pain and reduce any additional swelling. Like our car accident and worker’s comp patients, slip and fall victims are often in contact with insurance companies and in some cases, legal representatives. Semper physical therapy Miami wants patients to focus on getting well and completing their at home exercises; to that end we do our best to keep the lines of communication open and provide all pertinent information in a clear, concise, and timely fashion to all parties involved.

Physical Therapy encompasses many other medical rehabilitation treatments, geared to alleviating the symptoms of several different conditions. Outside of patients injured at work, or in an accident, we frequently treat patients who have undergone delicate surgery to the knee, back, and knee or hip replacements, to name a few. In order for many of these surgeries to be successful, extensive post-operatory surgery is required. Post-surgical therapy can sometimes be painful or damaging if done incorrectly or too aggressively. At Semper Physical Therapy Miami we take a gradual approach to treating surgery patients; beginning with gently range of motion massages combined with massage, patients are eased into restoring movement and balance without pain.

Physical therapy is vital to patients who have undergone procedures to the lower half of the body, as standing, sitting, and squatting are impeded immediately following a procedure in this area. Typically therapy begins while the patient is still hospitalized; then transferred to an outpatient facility, such as Semper to continue care during this sensitive time. The physical therapist begins by working to diminish symptoms directly associated with having surgery such as pain and swelling. Once the surgeon has cleared the patient for active therapeutic treatments, the care specialists at Semper begin reintroducing range of motion and flexibility exercises. As therapy progresses, we incorporate body weight movements and resistance exercises to strengthen the muscles and prevent reinjury.

Knee replacement therapy is one of the most sensitive programs at Semper. Patients suffering from pain and stiffness who have exhausted all other treatment may be left with no other option than to have a knee replacement surgery. Not just for your grandmother, athletes, and those who have been injured in an accident may have to undergo this invasive procedure to restore mobility and end the pain in the knee.

Physical Therapist Miami Florida

In the weeks and sometimes months following a knee procedure, patients often experience severe pain. Recovery is unique to each patient; however, most can expect their knees to swell to the size of a grapefruit as well as bruising following surgery. Patients typically leave the hospital armed with a prescription for pain medication to fight the pain following surgery. Once pain medication is suspended, and swelling reduced, physical therapy exercises being, to get the patient’s body accustomed to the new joint.

Patients who were in overall good health before their accident or surgery can expect to recover sooner than those who were not in optimal health. We understand how difficult the recovery process can be, especially emotionally as our patients are often involved in proceedings dealing with insurance companies and law firms. Not only do we strive to alleviate pain as quickly as possible, at Semper Physical Therapy Miami we alleviate the stress involved in documenting treatment and recommendations for insurance providers and legal representatives. Maintaining an open line of communication, and responding to inquiries as quickly as we can, we work to unburden our patients so they may focus on their physical therapy and well-being.

Semper Physical Therapy treats patients gently and with compassion. Patients are informed that physical therapy is a partnership; patients must follow through with their at home exercises and maintain a positive attitude. Together, we can reach your physical therapy goals; by restoring mobility, flexibility, and balance, patients can get back to their regular routines as soon as it is safe.

No matter if someone is injured in a car accident, slip and fall, or recovering from knee replacement surgery, our professional staff is ready to make a physical therapy plan with each patient to get each one successfully reintegrated in their social, professional, and family lives.

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