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When most people think of sports therapy and rehabilitation Miami, they think of major league or professional athletes who hurt themselves while exerting themselves during a major sporting event, largely in part because sports physical therapists are often at the sidelines of many events and competitions as first responders. Sports therapy rehabilitation Miami treats athletes of all levels, and are specially trained to prevent injuries by analyzing the individual risk to each person, treat injuries quickly after they occur. While there are literally hundreds if not thousands of injuries which athletes may endure, there are certain parts of the body which are more prone to injury. At Semper Physical Therapy, our sports therapy and rehabilitation Miami professionals are well versed in the treatment of the most common sports injuries.

Sports Injuries

Sports therapy and rehabilitation Miami at Semper Physical Therapy strives to heal common injuries in athletes of all levels. Sports injuries we treat can occur during vigorous physical activity, training, or on the field.


Most commonly of the foot, hand, knee, or elbow, tendinitis is typically caused by repetitive movement or as the result of an injury. Since tendinitis typically involves inflammation of a soft tissue, the first thing we recommend is to ice the injured area to bring down the swelling. At Semper Physical Therapy, we may temporarily immobilize the injured area, and then gradually reintroduce movement to encourage tendon gliding. Stretches and strength exercises are incorporated to protect the area from reinjury.

Strains AKA “Pulled Muscles” Hyper extension or tears of muscle fibers or tendons are commonly referred to as pulled muscles. Sudden stretching of the delicate soft tissues of the knees, feet, hands and shoulders can be painful and limit mobility. Symptoms of muscle sprain include tightness, weakness, and limited mobility. As with other sports injuries, if swelling occurs, which it almost always does, the team of physical therapists at Semper recommends ice to bring down the swelling and reduce pain. Limit use and movement of the area, and seek physical therapy if the pain persists. At Semper Physical Therapy, we provide soothing sports massages, and then combined movement therapy to reestablish flexibility, strength, and range of motion in the injured area.

Sprains to the groin, generally from moving suddenly or changing directions, occur to both male and female athletes; the groin sits at the very top of the thigh. Symptoms include shooting or stabbing pain and swelling. As with all sprains, should the area begin to swell do not hesitate to ice it until the swelling subsides. Stretching well before performing exercise will prevent this kind of injury. Once the swelling and pain are gone, athletes are advised to begin stretching the area regularly and remember to stretch properly before training to avoid reinjury.

Shin Splints

Pain in the inner part of the shin bone due to swelling is called a shin splint, and not usually endured by seasoned athletes. Shin splints are more common to novices or people who are returning to vigorous exercise after a long period of rest who overexert themselves too quickly. The result is pain and limited mobility. As with all inflammation, people who injure their shin muscles should ice the area to reduce pain and bring down the swelling. While shin splints do not usually require physical therapy, the therapists at Semper recommend wearing good shoes, and not going “too hard too fast”, but increasing the intensity of your work outs gradually. For runners, or those involved in sports which involve jumping such as participating in cross fit, or playing basketball, make sure each step lands in the center of the foot or the “ball”. The meaty portion of the foot is designed to absorb impact and protect the body from a stress injury such as shin splints.

Sport Therapy and Rehabilitation at Semper Physical Therapy

No matter what your game is, Semper Physical Therapy can help you regain mobility and strength. Sports therapy and rehabilitation Miami is only one of the many areas our therapists are prepared to treat. Semper works with patients to gradually increase range of motion and flexibility while simultaneously working to alleviate pain. Sports therapy and rehabilitation Miami techniques vary according to the kind of injury and whether or not surgery was needed to mend broken tissue or bones. If you are experiencing pain after a sports injury, contact the team of care professionals at Semper Physical Therapy.

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